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De Anza College (2004-2010)

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Robert Pendleton grew up watching cartoons on television and in movie theaters in the 1990's. After realizing what the production process was, he decided that this was what he wanted to do for a living. He wanted to bring joy to people through animation as other animators brought joy into his life.

After high school Robert attended De Anza Community College in Cupertino, California to study in the college's animation program, lead by Martin McNamara.  Once at De Anza, he met fellow student Joel Natanauan. They decided to work together to make a film to complete the school's animation program. The film was titled, "The Vacation of Death."

He received an Associate of Arts Degree in Film/Television Production:  Animation Emphasis. He also received a Certificate of Achievement-Advanced in Computer Animation and a Certificate of Achievement in Animation History and Criticism (the latter is the only certificate of its kind and unique to De Anza's animation program).

Before graduating from De Anza, he started an internship at NASA/Ames doing animation for them. The internship lasted for almost a year and he was grateful for the work experience they provided.